How to do art time with kids

Children’s art is always true-to-life and real.  They are not certain of how to write, draw, or paint fiction because it has not been introduced to them yet.  In our youth’s hearts lies the reality of life.  It is time we let them tell the story and do it honestly, the only way that they know how.  While working for an arts organization in  Los Angeles, CA, it was very important for me to remember that art most times tells a story.  Often the story of the children touched by their therapeutic programs was one that could not be conveyed verbally.  Judges in the children’s courts would sometimes allow the children’s art to talk for them and describe their traumatic experiences when they were too distraught to do so themselves.
It is never too late to begin living and thinking creatively.  Begin by saying out loud to yourself, “I am a creative person.  Creative ideas come to me daily!” then begin to say it with your children, “You are creative”, and “We are creative”.
 Here are 7 rules to apply when having “creative & art time” with your children:
  1.      Always have on hand variety of creative, artistic materials.  These materials can include, but are certainly not   limited to crayons, markers, paint, clay, various paper styles, glues, and scissors.
  2.      Let them experiment
  3.      Be specific with your encouragement.  Instead of simply saying “I like your painting”, say, “I like how you used blue for the color of your sun, and the stripes on your frog are amazing!”
  4.     Don’t guess what their art is; ask them to tell you about it.
  5.     Choose a time and place without any interruptions.
  6.     Don’t rush their creativity.  If they aren’t finished in the time allotted, let them finish it later.  Be sure to follow through with the finish day and time you both decide on.
  7.     Try not to introduce too much.  If the activity becomes too overwhelming, stop. Remember it is supposed to be fun, so be patient with their learning abilities. 

 Toya Jervay

How to reduce stress through art

Creative?  Yes, You!  If you don’t think so, think back to your childhood days when you made meals out of dirt and water: Yummy MUD PIES…   That’s simple creativity! You don’t have to be born with paint running through your veins to be an artist.  

When we open our hearts and lives to creativity, we also invite other feelings in like:   Stress Reduction, Self Expression, Inner Peace, and Self Confidence.  It is never too late to begin living and thinking creatively! The first thing to do is say out loud:  
“I am a creative person. 
Creative ideas come to me daily!"

Next, try these 5 suggestions for getting the stress out through creative arts:

1.  Paint a piece of furniture
3.  Form a music circle with friends
2.  Have an art party
4.  Take a class
5.  Paint to music

 Toya Jervay