Come On Educators and Parents....Don't forget the CA Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights - Every child should have the opportunity to: Play in a safe place, Explore nature, Learn to swim, Go fishing, Follow a trail, Camp under the stars, Ride a bike, Go boating, Connect with the past, and Plant a seed!
Do you know a teacher or school who might be interested in a memorable outdoor experience?  Residential outdoor programs and free field trips for school groups are offered in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains!



Team Building in the Home

If team means any organized group working together to accomplish a common goal, that means that your family is a TEAM!

From better communication to just eating at the dinner table together, your Team-Family has goals and missions that you are always working on together. Simple teambuilding games build trust and help you all work together, get along, resolve conflict, and just have fun.

Besides various teambuilding games and activities, one easy way to help your kids learn team work at an early age is to incorporate it into your cleaning routine. Make list of the chores that need to be accomplished and assign each person a duty. Instead of the person being finished when their chore is done, encourage them to begin to help eachother until all of the chores are finished. Children will easily learn the value of helping and "TEAM".

We at Confetti and Coffee Coaching, LLC provide workshops and books to help you teambuild in the home and in the work place.

How do you team-build?
 Toya Jervay

25 Ways to Add Art to your Life

  1. Paint with your fingers
  2. Form a drum circle with friends
  3. Have an art party
  4. Sing in the shower
  5. Dance in the grass with no shoes on
  6. Paint a piece of furniture
  7. Take a yoga class
  8. Mosaic a frame
  9. Horseback the trails
  10. Make your own soap
  11. Paint with your feet
  12. Write a poem
  13. Watch an old movie or listen to classical music
  14. Scrapbook
  15. Try leaf printing
  16. Paint to music
  17. Have a dinner party
  18. Take a roll of black and white photos
  19. Make a recipe box
  20. Paint a flower pot
  21. Decoupage
  22. Bake and decorate cookies
  23. Chalk draw on the sidewalk
  24. Redecorate one space in your home
  25. Make photo collages of the people you love. Give them each one.
 Toya Jervay